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A FREE platform to display, share and collaborate with others your production design details, images, documents, CAD drawings, video, sounds, tasks and more.
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Share Production work with those that need it. That includes documents, images, drawings, picture gallery, comments, discussion, collaboration, all online, no software needed.
  • For the Designer it means making your design documents and intentions always accessible and collaborating with colleagues.
  • For a Stage Electrician it means getting access to the Lighting Plot and Paperwork when and where you need it.
  • For a Director it means sampling the sound effects the Sound Designer is proposing to use.
  • For the Producer it means checking out the actual work of possible candidates.
  • For the Student it means posting your work and soliciting mentoring comments or viewing the work of your favorite designers.
  • For the Teacher it means providing design outlines and reviewing students design solutions.
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Sat April 12, 2014

What's New! The LightShop™ Team has had a super busy winter preparing the April update to the LightShop™ databases once again adding an unprecedented number of new fixtures, features and tools making it more useful for all crescit users. In this latest update we added 228 fixtures, 132 of them include DMX control profiles. The new grand total number of all fixtures in the LightShop database is now 8,856. We now have more than 7696 DMX Control Profiles with the goal to ...  [Read more]

Fri April 11, 2014
Wed January 08, 2014
Tue January 07, 2014
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crescit is a cloud application with the ambition to change the way we deal with technical production details. crescit helps you compile, manage and share your production information and documentation with those that need it, FREE. Learn more about crescit and share your ideas and suggestions with us.

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  • Share your Production work with those that need it.
    Technicians, Electricians, Vendors, Production Personnel
    CAD Drawings, Lists, Reports, Photos, Spreadsheets, Documents
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    Students, Junior Colleagues
  • Display your talent to get work.
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